Lurie's new art form
The UNITING PAINTING: The World Is Its Canvas

The UNITING PAINTING will surround the globe and bind it by art and goodwill.

The UNITING PAINTING is alive and curious by nature.

The UNITING PAINTING integrates into the environments it travels through.

The UNITING PAINTING uses the synergy of art & environment as a survival tool.

The UNITING PAINTING enjoys being looked at, but insists on looking back at us.


As we go to museums to look at art, this painting goes to the world to watch us. The globe is its canvas, and we the people are the art that it observes. As it ventures farther out, it begins to see the beauty of our varied cultures and landscapes, and its excitement cannot be contained. It encircles the world and stops off at varied cities to see the splendor and rich life that civilization has created.

The painting's journey may begin on a canvas attached to the ceiling, and from there glide down the wall over more canvases; from there it will escape the confines of the traditional arty canvas material. Once the motif reaches the floor, it will weave its way into carpet, be carved into wood, or be chiseled in marble, depending on the ground's character. From now on anyone can walk or even dance on it.

The UNITING PAINTING may now wish to explore the outdoors.

There it may become a form of colorful mosaic embedded in cement, capable of braving the elements. If it seeksl to travel to the big city by using the asphalt road, the artist will implant multihued cobblestones continuing its original motif. Even cars can run on it. From the metropolis, the art will flow via colorful pebbles to the local waterway, which will carry the now-virtual-painting through the ocean to another city, in a remote country, placed in a faraway continent.

After resetting its motif, colors and thematic shape in its new destination, it will make a U-turn back to the ocean, and proceed to yet another distant capital. The UNITING PAINTING, which may have started 10,000 miles away and begun to germinate thirty-five years ago, will continue and adjust to the environment, which in return will assure the painting's physical well-being and persistence.

Thus it will continue to deliver from cities to country, from mountains to continents, its baton of unity and goodwill among people.