April, 2006: Lurie at the pagoda of Imjingak, contemplating where he's going to build his art.

Mr. and Mrs. Ranan Lurie at a private audience with the Honorable Ban, Ki-Moon, Foreign
Minister of South Korea and Secretay-General designate of the United Nations, May, 2006,
discussing his art connection between South and North Korea.

Mr. Lurie interviewing President Kim Da Jung, of the Republic of Korea, discussing the
President's "Sunshine policy," which aims to unify South and North through peaceful means.
July, 1999.

Lurie interviewing President Kim Young Sam of the Republic of South Korea, 1996.

Lurie interviewing Korea's President (former general) Chun Doo Hwan (who was later jailed) in the
winter of 1983. The President wished to maintain physical distance between them for security reasons.

Lurie's general art plan.

At the unveiling site. The art is actually planted on the stairs and on the floor. It's made on special steal covered with glass. The "drop" is real.

Looking at the art from the direction of North Korea.

With the national anthem playing in the background.

Lurie, with Major General Lee, Commander of the D.M.Z. To the General's left Governor
Moon-Soo Kim. Then to the left of the Governor, Father Park, to the right of Mr. Lurie, a
monk, and to his right, the representative of the Islamic faith in Korea.

A philosophical discussion while climbing to the top of the mountain.

Attending, a group of dignitaries invited to the Headquarters of the D.M.Z.

Leaving H.Q. to attend the actual unveiling of the “UNITING PAINTING, D.M.Z.”

Digging the first two bases for the “UNITING PAINTING, D.M.Z.” ...

... and continuing to prepare the rest.

In the background: the big drop that will be painted soon by Mr. Lurie and
Governor Moon-Soo Kim.

The first stands, that will carry the 3 meters x 2 meters steel
posters, made of a special material by a top Korean company,
are being placed.

Planting the actual pieces of art into their bases.

A general view of the exhibit location with the steel posters ready for review. Under the
pagoda, thousands of balloons covering the painting can be seen.

The steel posters, describing the forthcoming “UNITING PAINTING” branching towards
Russia, China, and Japan.

The artist and his bio, translated from Korean to English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

The giant announcement in five languages.

Governor Moon-Soo Kim sits under the pagoda, while the artist delivers his thanks to
the visitors for coming.

Completing the painting of the giant paint-drop.

Governor Moon-Soo Kim, the artist, and Mayors of Gyeonggi Province, are ready to pull
the cover of thousands of balloons, and thus, unveil the painting.

First step ...

... second step ... (note the pigeons!)

... the balloons are floating towards North Korea ...

... filling up the skies ...

... until they disappear in the blue yonder.

The artist and dignitaries are holding hands representing the unification created

On the right, Korea's leading artist, dressed in his
signature white clothing.

While Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon was at the United Nations Headquarters in New
York, he asked Deputy Minister In-kook Park (right) and Director General Bon-woo
Koo (left) to represent the government of Korea at the historic unveiling.

Governor Moon-Soo Kim and the artist are following the
path of the balloons.

In difference to his art at the United Nations, Lurie decided
to engrave his art in laser on steel, covered with special glass,
resistant to the elements and pedestrians.

The artist being interviewed by CNN ...

... and returning a toast to Governor Moon-Soo Kim at a reception following the unveiling
of September 21, 2006. At the artist's left are Mrs. Kim, wife of the Governor, and
Mrs. Jieun Lee, the artist's interpreter.