The International Advisory Committee for the UNITING PAINTING, Originating from the United Nations, Presents:

the first one-man art show at the United Nations throughout its sixty year history.

The building where Lurie's art begins:

Mr. Lurie, his wife Tamar, and their daughter Danielle, are hosted by Secretary-General Kofi Annan for
lunch where Mr. Lurie brought up for the first time his idea of starting "The Uniting Painting" from the
U.N. Headquarters. March 19, 2003

The UNITING PAINTING, created by Ranan Lurie, was officially unveiled at the United
Nations headquarters in New York on November 1, 2005. Mrs. Kofi Annan is seen here
unveiling the art and officially introducing the artist, in the presence of many ambassadors,
dignitaries, journalists and distinguished guests from abroad, who were invited by the
U.N. to the ceremony.

The first leg of the art starts from the U.N.'s ceiling, 75 feet high,
and descends forward, carried by 37 canvases.

Now it reaches the famous U.N. “Courvoisier” stairs, that from now
on will be covered with Mr. Lurie's art that now decided to transform
from canvas to carpet, so it can adapt to its new environment.

It continues as a group of 13 pieces of woven carpet, still maintaining
the integrity of the motif and its colors through a very different material.

A look from the top: The painting turns again into canvases over the U.N.'s main entrance doors…

Now the painting travels above the entrance door, until it reaches the exit to the U.N. Plaza…

...the painting opens the door, and makes its first step out:

...while traveling through the outdoors, it decides to adapt to its new background scenery,
and change its colors: From blues and greys to oranges and yellows.

By now, the warm red colors take over from the blues...

...and the UNITING PAINTING gallops elegantly towards the East River...

…and swings down the stairs to the promenade.

Plowing its way to the East River.

The art's departure from the U.N. starts at this point.

From here the art can already see its new destination: Roosevelt Island

It was a journey of hundreds of feet from the U.N.'s main building.

Night falls and the UNITING PAINTING awaits its forthcoming big jump:

The new morning will find that Roosevelt Island is indeed hosting a new artistic creation, sent by the United Nations.

The UNITING PAINTING, that covers a huge part of its southern tip...

...will become an art attraction for the most exciting city in the world, and Roosevelt Island will become the
UNITING PAINTING's launching pad to the world.

The UNITING PAINTING will start its travels to many destinations in the world.